In architecture a corbel is a piece of masonry jutting out of a wall to carry any superincumbent weight. A piece of timber projecting in the same way was called a “tassel” or a “bragger”. The technique of corbelling, where rows of corbels deeply keyed inside a wall support a projecting wall or parapet. Dimension indication: H x W x D.

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  1. PUM-B826 Size (HxWxD): 157x101x57mm
  2. PUM-B846 Size (HxWxD): 110x74x41mm
  3. PUM-B833 Size (HxWxD): 150x101x62mm
  4. PUM-B838 Size (HxWxD): 152x102x57mm
  5. PUM-B835 Size (HxWxD): 220x130x94mm
  6. PUM-AW6102L Size (HxWxD): 210x135x70mm
  7. PUM-AW6103L Size (HxWxD): 245x125x145mm
  8. PUM-AW6105SSize: (HxWxD): 165x70x58mm
  9. PUM-B813 Size (HxWxD): 223x182x84mm
  10. PUM-B822 Size (HxWxD): 143x107x67mm
  11. PUM-B824 Size (HxWxD): 109x88x43mm
  12. PUM-B848Size (HxWxD): 148x105x71mm
  13. PUM-B825 Size (HxWxD): 152x99x61mm
  14. PUM-B829 Size: 219x180x94mm
  15. PUM-AW6101SSize (HxWxD): 90x60x40mm
  16. PUM-B963Size (HxWxD): 314x143x145mm
  17. PUM-AW6103MSize (HxWxD): 175x95x100mm
  18. PUM-B850Size (HxWxD): 244x129x70mm