Application usage

As we have feedback from customer that owners are unable to visualize how these trimmings when cut and join up would look like, and therefore we have created this.

  1. Shoe Cabinet to be sprayed painted in white.This is actually a shoe cabinet. We have used our model M0021, 22mm wooden trim to frame up on both sides.
  2. Solid Wooden Drawer This solid wooden curved drawer is framed up with our wood trim model AM0285. Right now is spray painted in white but we will finish it with our hand antique gold leafing to the carved portions.
  3. Solid Wooden drawer.This smaller wooden drawer is sprayed painted in white and is framed with our model AM0285.
  4. Mini wooden railing.This mini wooden railing is used to fence up places in part of the cabinet. This model is M-railing and comes in 5ft length. The bottom part model is AM0285 which can be combined to form this look.
  5. White Painted European FirePlaceThis fireplace is white painted and the top crown with dentil is framed with our model AM0101. Below the crown, both sides and the centre pieces are framed using our model AM0017, 16mm. Next below is M0017, 19mm a larger frame box. The front of the fireplace with both sides with 3 flutes are specially machined. Right below the flutes, we have AM0285 running both sides and the front.
  6. HeadboardThis headboard is sprayed painted in off white colour. The wooden trims that is used to frame up the board is AM0207, which is final finish with hand done gold leaf on the carved portions. The centre part is specially made by the carpenter.
  7. White wooden shelvingThis wooden shelving is painted in white without and gold leafing. The top part is inverted using our model AM0089. The mini corbel is from the customer himself....
  8. Kitchen door.Pre-painted kitchen door. It is framed using our model AM0285. This door will be painted in white.
  9. Rough wall decorate.These are small uneven piece of rectangular wood, which is one side smoothen and the other side is rough and the thickness is uneven which is done on purpose. We specially produce it for our customer.
  10. Creamy white wooden rope trimmingsThis wooden trimmings is CM1300, 25mm.
  11. Kitchen door.This kitchen door is framed using our special made trimmings for our customer (customization). For more information for this trims, please call us.
  12. BalustradesThese balustrades are specially produce for our customer. (customization)
  13. M0017BAn example of how M0017B when cut and joined at an angle.